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#1 Tip for Preparing to Sell Your Home

Tip for Preparing to Sell Home-Island Life Real Estate Group

Selling your house is a big deal, and there are tons of tips and suggestions for you to prepare before selling. But what’s the one thing you need to do before all others?

Detach emotionally.

When you make the decision to sell, you need to emotionally detach from the house. Stop seeing it as your home, as the place you’ve made memories, and start seeing it as a product to be sold. Making selling your house a business transaction, and everything will progress more smoothly.

That advice is easier said than done, obviously, but there are a few things you can do to help make your detachment easier.

Use the term property.

It may sound overly simple or silly, but don’t refer to your house as your home anymore. When thinking and talking about selling, use the terms “property” and “house”, not “home”. It’s a psychological trick that will actually make a difference.

Attach to your new home.

In the same way that you need to think about your current house as property, start thinking about your next house as home. This will help you to move forward, and start to let go of the current house.

Remove personal items.

The easiest way to start making your home feel less like yours is to take down and pack up personal items. This includes things like knick knacks, pictures, and momentos. You may start to feel like your house is empty, especially if you’re starting with a lot of stuff, but all that space will help potential buyers picture themselves in the house, and will help you see the space and not the memories.

Avoid contact with potential buyers.

There is a reason realtors suggest you not be home when they show your house. Potential buyers are viewing the house with a critical eye, and may make comments that you don’t want to hear. They may hate your beloved room colour, or say renovations are needed in your favourite spaces. Do yourself a favour and be away from the house during showings. This allows potential buyers to be honest, and will help avoid any hurt feelings on your part.

Listen to professional advice.

When you use a realtor, they will often have advice about changes to be made, or the price you should sell at. If you use a house stager, they may suggest paint changes or furniture rearranging. Listen to the advice. They’re professional third parties, who are there to help you sell. They aren’t trying to change your home, they’re there to sell your property.

Moving is never easy, especially if you have lots of beloved memories of your current house. But learning to detach emotionally from the house will make selling it easier for you, and on you.

#1 Tip for Preparing to Sell Your Home
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