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2018 Home Buying in Campbell River Infographic

Every year the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board releases a buyer profile report that gives details about the who, what and why of house buying. The 2018 report was recently released (full report can be found here), and we’ve put together an infographic highlighting some of the key information about buying a home in Campbell River.

2018 Home Buying in Campbell River

Private Client Services

Something mentioned in the report, that we didn’t have room for on the infographic, was the importance of the Private Client Services (PCS) feature real estate agents provide. Almost 40% of all homes bought in Campbell River in 2018 were first found through PCS! With a tight market, the importance of seeing what is available as soon as it is listed is super important. If you’re planning to buy a house, getting registered with PCS is a very good first step.


Does anything in the report surprise you?

As the report mentions, referrals are the main source of business for realtors. We’d love if you told your friends and family about your experiences working with us. We’d be happy to help them start, or advance, their experience living within Campbell River.

2018 Home Buying in Campbell River Infographic
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