6 Safety Items to Check After You Move In

6 Safety Items to Check After You Move In-Island Life Real Estate Group

Moving into a new home can be exciting, and exhausting, as you unpack, arrange furniture, rearrange furniture, and generally get used to your new space. Don’t let the act of moving in distract you from checking a few key safety items though. Make time to review these potentially life-saving house items:

Smoke detectors

This may be seem obvious, but it’s always worth repeating: ensure all smoke detectors work. Replace any dead batteries, and test that all smoke alarms work.

Fire extinguishers

Do you have a fire extinguisher on every floor of your house? You should. This is one safety device that many home owners forget about, and it’s one that can make the difference between a little incident and a huge tragedy.

Carbon monoxide detectors

If your house uses gas or oil, you should have a carbon monoxide detector. The easiest thing to do is install one right beside every smoke detector. Then check the batteries and test both devices at the same time.

Dryer vent

Clogged dryer vents are a huge source of home fires as lint is highly flammable, but very few people think to check and clean out the vent running from the dryer to outside. Doing this on a regular basis will not only make your dryer run more efficiently, it can also help prevent a dangerous house fire.

Evacuation plan

If you have school-aged children, they may ask you about evacuation plans, as most learn about them in school. Even if you don’t have children, you should still create and discuss escape plans with all members of your household. Knowing what to do before anything happens will help reduce panic and confusion in the event a disaster does strike. Your plan should include exit strategies from every room of the house, as well as a meeting place off, or at the far edge, of your property.

Door locks

Receiving keys to your new house is one of the first steps to moving in, but you should consider replacing your locks or having them re-keyed right away. Unless you know for certain the locks on your house are new, you have no idea how many keys the previous owner made, or gave out, or when the last time the locks were changed. It’s better to be safe and spend the funds to have peace of mind, than it is to worry about who could access your house.

Taking the time to check a few general safety items when you first move in isn’t as exciting as picking out new paint colours for all your new living spaces, but it’s a worthwhile activity that can help prevent future disasters.

6 Safety Items to Check After You Move In
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