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6 Simple Staging Tricks to Make Your House Stand Out

6 Simple Staging Tricks to Make Your House Stand Out-Island Life Real Estate Group

When potential buyers tour a house, they make quick judgments about whether they like the space, and whether it’s right for them. Staging your house is a great way to help potential buyers see the features and possible usage of the various rooms and spaces.

Staging doesn’t have to complicated. Here are six simple staging tricks you can use when setting up your house for showings.

Fake extra storage.

All buyers want to feel like there is enough storage for all their belongings. You know potential buyers snoop and open your closets, cupboards, and storage areas, so make them as attractive as possible. Remove half the items from the space, and then organize them neatly to make the area seem much bigger.

Depersonalize your house.

Many buyers have a hard time picturing themselves in your home when surrounded by your things, especially if their lifestyle is different from yours. Help them visualize their potential life there by removing family photos and collectible items. There is a reason show homes often sell quickly, and that’s because they are blank slates; easy to visualize yourself in.

Always be show ready.

Once you list your home, keep it ready to be shown at any time. Keep the front entry, kitchen, and bathrooms clean and tidy. It’s not easy or convenient to keep everything sparkling, but it will make a better first impression, and that’s what sells a house.

Mini-clean your bathroom.

If you know when a showing will be happening, take the time to replace the towels, put away personal items, and wipe the counter and mirror. A bright and clean bathroom is always appreciated.

Add plants and flowers.

Whether you have a green thumb or not, consider adding some plants and flowers to the main rooms of your house. They add instant colour, and freshness to the space.

Remove unnecessary furniture.

If your house is full of furniture, it will seem smaller. Remove any furniture you don’t need, and that doesn’t contribute to a room’s purpose. Position the furniture away from the walls and in careful arrangements to showcase purpose and space.

Aim for an overall bright and clean look overall look in your house, and potential buyers will focus on the cheery and inviting feel. A good first impression can make all the difference in selling your house, and it doesn’t have to be hard, as these simple staging tricks show.

6 Simple Staging Tricks to Make Your House Stand Out
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