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8 Easy House Updates To Do Before You Sell

Remodeling your house before you sell is rarely a reasonable option, nor does it usually pay off. Instead, give your house a cosmetic makeover by completing these simple and easy updates:

Make it brighter.

Good lighting is something every buyer wants. Remove your curtains, or replace them with sheers. Clean the windows. Replace lightbulbs. Add extra lamps if there are any areas that seem a bit dim. Trim any bushes outside your windows.

Complete simple kitchen updates.

Kitchens sell homes. Update the paint, cabinet hardware and consider replacing at least one appliance. The end result will be an overall updated look.

Complete simple bathroom updates.

Bathrooms see a lot of use, and it shows after time. Replace the showerhead, shower curtain towel rack, toilet paper holder, and tub grout to instantly add a new sparkle to the bathroom.

Upgrade curb appeal.

Potential buyers can easily fall in love with a house before they ever set foot inside. Doing simple outside updates like repairing any gutter issues, trimming the lawn and bushes, planting flowers, repainting the front door, and power washing the exterior can go a long way to improving the first impression your house makes.

Freshen the paint.

Adding a coat of paint to a room can instantly improve the space. Stick to light, neutral shades so potential buyers can focus on the features, not the wall colour. Don’t forget to paint the ceiling too; if it’s dingy or miscoloured, it will stand out more against fresh walls.

Clean the smell.

You never want to hear “what’s that smell” from potential buyers. Smells can instantly detract from a beautiful space. Deodorize your spaces by cleaning up after pets, washing linens, and putting away strong smelling products. Don’t overdo the use of candles or air fresheners, instead, aim for a light and clean smell.

Clean the carpet.

The state of carpets and floors is often overlooked as you live in a space, but is something every potential buyer looks at. You don’t need to replace your carpets unless they are in really bad shape, a deep cleaning is all that most carpets need. If you have hardwood, tile, or vinyl flooring, consider adding rugs in traffic areas, carpeting feels cozier under your feet.

Bring outlets into the future.

Most people have multiple tech devices and chargers. Consider upgrading some of your outlets to new versions that have built-in USB ports, particularly in the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. It’s a small, unexpected feature that potential buyers will notice and remember.

If you’re thinking about selling your house, contact me and ask for an assessment. You might be pleasantly surprised at how desirable your home is!

8 Easy House Updates To Do Before You Sell
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