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Long Weekend Getaway

Fishing with Andrew Rivett and Shelley King-ILR

Over the August long weekend, we took a little getaway to Nootka Sound to go fishing and enjoy quiet time on the water. It was relaxing and restful, and included time with friends, some fish catching, and yes, a bit of work too.

BC sunset-ILR

Weekend Lodge with Andrew Rivett and Shelley King-ILR
The lodge we stayed at is one our good friend Doug Rippingale has used to house his guests when he is fish guiding.  Our first time at Steamer Point Lodge in the Tahsis Narrows and what a beautiful property it is.

Andrew Rivett working-ILR
Just because we’re out on the water, it doesn’t mean work stops entirely. It’s one reason why Andrew carries a satellite phone when away, just in case something important comes up.

Shelley King fish-ILR
His call had to be cut short though because Shelley got a bite that she needed some help getting into the boat. It’s not often people end phone calls with “got to go, fish on!”

While out, we couldn’t resist photographing the type of islands that inspired our logo.

Sea fog is an interest phenomena that photographs beautifully.

Fishing with Andrew Rivett and Shelley King-ILR
It was such a great weekend away, with good weather, good fishing, and good company. We’re so blessed to be able to do this.

Water view-ILR
We don’t go away very often, but love being able to experience adventures like this so close to home!

Long Weekend Getaway
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